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Andrea "AJ" Riley, BSPH, MPA, Ed.S
Hybrid Compliance &
HR Manager



Andrea J. Riley is a multi-subject matter expert who serves others thru a Participative and  Transformational professional leadership style. Ms. Riley is fluent in the development, revision  and upkeep regarding policy development, policy vs. practice analysis, revision, and  implementation aligning with Federal and State levels as well as nonprofit organizations and  businesses. Ms. Riley is an International Speaker, 4X Best Selling Author and International  Best-Selling Author with five published works, including her personal testimony, “Valley to  Victory,” regarding her journey in mental health, food addiction and trauma recovery. 
Ms. Riley is also a Veteran, Mental Health Professional, Advocate, and conceptual reformist.  She is the CEO and founder of AJRileySpeaks LLC., a platform providing an array of services  such as support and advocacy, author coaching, peer review and other services. She is also the Founder and CEO of Metamorphosis Employee Relations, a human resources and employee  relations hub where she provides hybrid and virtual services helping businesses and  organizations lay the foundation and maintain it as well to ensure an effective, seamless  relationship between an employer and those they serve to employ. From documentation to laws  and regulations, she ensures the very best practices for her clients so they can focus on the  services or products they provide.  
She has served in various capacities with several professional and nonprofit organizations both  locally in Mississippi, Nationally and Internationally. In 2021. She served as Keynote Speaker  internationally for the TriBase Annual Diversity and Inclusion event at RAF Mildenhall in  England, UK as well as a part of their planning committee during the time she was there. 
Her formal Education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health, a Master’s degree  in Public Administration, with a Human Resources concentration and Organizational  Management certification, and a Doctoral Education Specialist degree in Adult Education. She is  a Mississippi Statewide Autism Training Initiative instructor. She is a board-certified Advocate  thru the National Advocate Credentialing Program. She is Mental Health First Aid Certified thru  the National Council of Behavior Health as well as Suicide First Aid Certified enabling her to  provide crisis intervention support and direction to needed services. She is also a Board Certified DOD Sexual Assault Victim Advocate. 
Ms. Riley has presented at conferences and trainings over the years on various subject matters  including Leading in the workplace, Conflict Resolution in the workplace, Diversity and  Inclusion, Effective Management and leading, Working with your supervisor for subordinates,  Parenting a child with Special Needs, Best Practices in Trauma recovery and many more. 
Her integrity, servants’ heart, attention to detail and commitment will serve as an integral avenue in the world of employee relations as she continues to pour into organizations and businesses  ensuring their ability to primarily focus on clients/customers they serve and the quality of  products they provide. 

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